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Back from Whitby. It had it’s good bits and bad bits, although, as in 2002 (IIRC?), it was cut short due to stuffness. Was nice to see peeps I hadn’t seen in months/years, although due to crap planning (on several levels, of my own fault though) I didn’t get to chat with folks as much as I’d have liked to. More on it all later, maybe. Popped into Edinburgh for a couple of days on the way back to see , although I’m kicking myself now as I should have just booked the whole week off so I’ve been able to make the Beltane Fire Society’s Samhain event that was earlier this evening (that and the after-party and after-after-party which I’m currently missing and shall be missing, arse biscuits). Feeling all blocked up right now, possibly due to L’s cats, although it’s worse than usual so I’m suspecting Whitby Lurgy. Two days of work starting tommorrow and then I’m off Friday so I can get out to C2 for and I’s birthday on Thursday, and then glorious tech-house goodness at Headway on Friday evening. Anyone up for that?

P.S. For anyone who missed the transhumanism/singularity “Human v2” Horizon ep that aired last week, like me, joy of joys, it’s available via BitTorrent.

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