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Turns out I was most disapointed by the previously mentioned Horizon documentary on transhumanism and the singularity. Yeah, they covered the basic history and outline of brain-computer interfaces, quantum computing and neural networks, but there was no real linkage between or attempt to illustrate the possabilities of these technologies in regards to transhumanism or the singularity. Half-way through it then jumps to a very dualistic discussion about how future society might react to the creation and possible dangers of super-intelligent AIs, but neglects to mention notions such as seed AI vs. friendly AI. Further more, the programme also failed to explore post-singularity possabilities such as the ones that have been portrayed in fiction. If you want some related reading material, check out Cory Doctorow’s Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom or Roger Williams’ The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, both available in full online, and if you love reading the latter as much as I did, check out this podcast which features an interview with the author that discusses the nature of the singularity. Aaaaaanyway…

(Although the show mentions that Ray Kurzweil is a sucessful business man, it fails to go note the long list of inventions and accolades he has to his name and that Hugo de Garis‘s AI company went bust. Not that these facts really matter, but it’s always interesting to know.. and ‘cosmists’, ‘terrans’ and ‘artilects’? pleeeaaase.. *coughGOKURZWEIL!cough*. Actaully, I’m never a fanboy, I just enthuse a lot.)

Also, I’ve now worked my way through the first three eps of Heroes, and apart from the number of albeit expected as-it-just-so-happens coincidences, I am rather enjoying the twists and unknown factors in the plot, so far at least. Lost on the other hand is slowly trundling away with no major plot developments in the last few eps. Oh how I wish to be able to forget everything but the first season and sit down to S02E01 again… man, that was good shit.

P.S. Don’t suppose anyone has some form of copy of either La Nuit Americaine or Six Characters in Search of an Author (I’m thinking of the BBC adaptation) I could borrow? Hmm.. *checks on the off chance..* OH WOW, mininova has torrents for all of Dennis Potter’s Karaoke and Cold Lazarus TV plays! That’s my interwebvisual viewing sorted for the next week or so. *ponders then checks again* Ooh, Funny Games is also up. WARNING: Do not read the plot if you haven’t viewed this already, but needless to say, it’s a Austrian produced thriller with a great twist. Go watch it before the American remake comes out next year. I liked it anyway. Ooh, and Le Diner De Cons! Alright, I’ll shut up for now..

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