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For those left without Lost for the next god knows how many weeks, although it was getting rather shite anyway, bastards, do you know of the Lost Experience? You might have seen some of the weird flash based sites around, but do you know of Rachel Blake [1] and have you seen the video about the true meaning of the numbers? Don’t look if you don’t want to spoil it, like it has done for me, bastards.

Oh, and heard on #audioscrobbler the other day;

(00:28:24) * @Russss is reading through the 2000 or so e-mails that have been sent to “” over the last few months.,..
(00:28:32) <-Yllona> doh!
(00:28:34) <@mustaqila> Oh jesus
(00:28:48) <@Russss> I forgot we were recording them
(00:28:57) <@Russss> and found out there were 105,000 messages in the inbox
(00:29:08) <@Russss> of course, most of them were bounces.
(00:29:09) <-Yllona> sadly idjits have not been bred out of the gene pool
(00:29:28) <@Russss> but 2000 were left after weeding the bounces out with my magic bounce-processing script
(00:29:41) <@Russss> most of the 2000 are still autoresponders and so on
(00:29:52) <@Russss> but people still reply.
(00:30:05) * Yllona is referring to the people who would reply to a “no-reply”
(00:30:45) <-Yllona> is there an explicit “do not reply to this e-mail” statement in the e-mail
(00:31:13) <@Russss> yes
(00:31:22) <@Russss> I’ve seen some replies with just “ok”
(00:31:43) <-Yllona> well there’s nothing more you can do then. idjits will be idjits
(00:32:29) <@Russss> the vast majority are actually labels…
(00:32:43) <-Yllona> heh. no comment
(00:33:04) <@Russss> although I suspect that’s because the “welcome to” new-labels message is sent from
(00:33:08) <-Yllona> they’re using MS outlook, there’s no telling what they say on the screen
(00:33:30) <-Yllona> *saw on the screen
(00:34:28) <-Yllona> that welcome message should sent from “labels at” or some some sub-addy
(00:35:02) <@Russss> yeah, it should
(00:35:11) <@Russss> “Thank you for your email to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.”
(00:35:20) <@Russss> Someone signed up with arnie’s e-mail address
(00:35:26) <@Russss> at least they had some imagination
(00:35:55) <-Yllona> you gotta love LA, we’re not as stupid as people would assume

(00:50:27) <@Russss> haha
(00:50:43) <@Russss> we sent someone an password reset e-mail: “Someone requested a password reset for your account on”
(00:50:54) <@Russss> and they replied with “Password is


Right, time to see if I can get a second monitor working with this gfx card. Mainly feeling apathetic right now, but yeah.

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