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Just when you think you can’t get any more stupid than this; “SANTA FE, New Mexico (AP) — Three CD players hidden under a cathedral’s pews blared sexually explicit language in the middle of an Ash Wednesday Mass, leading a bomb squad to detonate two of the devices.” link there’s this, in the UK no… Read more »

Net Lab

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“First launched in June 2006, Net-Lab is a collaborative project run by members of InspireBox Media and the Wrong Music Corporation. Net-lab is an independent resource, free of commercial pressure. The site operates primarily from Brighton and Devon, UK. Net-Lab’s objective is to release a prolific collection of innovative media including music (primarily electronic), text,… Read more »


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At work we have a booking system for the A/V equipment pool we maintain. One of the options one can select for items available is ‘LCD Display’. For months myself and the other two guys assumed this refered to an LCD monitor, although we didn’t actually stock any of these. It turned out that it… Read more »

Glitchy house

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Does anyone have recommendations for glitchy house/tech-house and/or microhouse? I’m interested in exploring this area of stuff properly after hearing some right choons on Mixmag cover CDs in recent months (like stuff on DJ Touche (love that P Diddy track) and Erol Alkan‘s). I’ve fallen in love with the track ‘Deck The House’ by Akufen… Read more »

YML 02

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“By comparing modern man with our ancestors of 37,000 years ago, the Chicago team discovered big changes in two genes linked to brain size. One of the new variants emerged only 5,800 years ago yet is present in 30% of today’s humans, they believe.” link “Thousands of volunteers have been out on the streets trying… Read more »