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At work we have a booking system for the A/V equipment pool we maintain. One of the options one can select for items available is ‘LCD Display’. For months myself and the other two guys assumed this refered to an LCD monitor, although we didn’t actually stock any of these. It turned out that it actually refered to a type of unit with an LCD screen one attaches to a PC and then mounts on top of an overhead projector that was basically the predecessor to a data projector. A while back we had a clearout of some older stock and I saved a couple of these (Polaroid Polaview 1800s) from the skip (plus a shit load of large glass lenses from OHP units which I’m sure I’ll find a use for at some point). Having finally gotten around to testing them this evening, it appears both units are gubbed, so at least that’s less mass to take through to Edinburgh (they only ran on 640*480 anyway, but it would have been cool..), although the cases (pics in the link above) are rather neat and could be put to use for some function (I’m sure at some point…).

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