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Aaaand breathe..

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Finally, we have net! Well, that’s me been living in Edinburgh for 10 days short of 2 months. Problems with the house have almost all been sorted out. The kitchen back door, which and found in a state of fucked when they’d first arrived due to someone having crowbarred it in (only to steal our welcome basket, given the rest of the property was empty, bastards), and then sat screwed shut for about a month was finally replaced (and Rich and Stu now know that calling the police for things like that is required for insurance), and after some phone chess with the letting agents and Edinburgh council the house now has up-to-date gas and electrical safety certs and thus a valid HMO, which always helps. has been eagerly poking the garden, which is now looking much less crowded and dead and has turned out to be a nice wee suntrap for most of the day (when the weather permits). Now it’s just the bathroom sink to sort out, the gap between it and the wall having progressively relatively gotten larger and larger as the weeks have gone on.

Nothing job wise yet, not that I’ve actually been looking, but I’ve enough saved up to last a few more weeks so I’m not stressing about that as much as I’ve been stressing about other things. Like my teeth. Turns out I’m going to require two crowns and multiple fillings. Ah fuck. But lets not talk about that for now. Anyway. Things I have been up to include getting involved with Beltane Fire Festival as a torchbearer, which been fantastic fun so far with still the big day to come, going with to see first The Horrorist and DJ Producer in March, where we bumped into a and co., and then Bis in Glasgow, who played a non-stop bounce set and where I unexpectedly bumped into , and some other charming Netgoths we unfortunately couldn’t stay and party with (N.B. for Leila; that community again, ). On the flip side, an element of guttedness for not managing to get anything organised for seeing The Chaos Engine’s final(?) gig last month, missing Green Velvet in Edinburgh, and last weeks Noize:Tek in Manchester for Hypnoskull/Leech Woman/Dyspraxia. I shall also be missing Implant next Friday, bah, although Erol Alkan is DJing at Cabaret Voltaire on the same day so I’ll hopefully be out for that, dancing much. Oh, and 65daysofstatic are playing the same venue the night before Beltane, but there’s no f’n way I’m going to miss that gig.

Anyway, I’m away off right now for some emergency dental treatment as a large lump of enamel has just come away from one of my worse off teeth. What fun.

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