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So, to continue from the last update post, I then went to the emergency dentists and proceeded to have said b0rken tooth pulled out. Owie.

The full walkthrough for Beltane on the 22nd was fun as well, especially after an evening catching up with who was staying over, then pulling an all-nighter with and , powered by vodka and a pact to stay up until the power cut which had interrupted our computer noodling had lifted. After 30 mins of shut-eye accidentally turned into a full hours worth, Leila and I made a mad dash for Calton Hill to meet with our respective groups before the action got underway. Was very satisfying and warm-fuzzy-feeling-in-one’s-tummy inducing to finally see all the various groups finally meeting in one place at the same time, acting together, playing their own part and it all generally seeming to work out fair enough likes. Health and safety lecture with crowded attendance afterwards at The Bongo Club, with thanks to who-ever for passing round the ice-cream, on to Bannermans then the Hoose for drinks and merriness, a too shattered for drink, more Beltane/Viz mash-up talk (is someone going to get anything down before it’s all forgotten? ; NW wiki? ;D), afterwards a trip to ‘s with with a chance meeting half-way with a Neon bound who very kindly offered me a spare ticket he had for the Glasgow Neubauten gig the Wednesday after, mucho thanks again!

Re said gig; Headed west with , and. Wasn’t too sure on Damo Suzuki‘s set, a bit too generic sounding a discordance for my liking, but Neubauten were good fun, with many weird and wonderful instruments (those pics are from other gigs, but videos from Glasgow are available here). Bumped into and spoke briefly with and as well which was nice.

On the Friday evening I was stabbed while crossing Bruntsfield Links with and . Not that deeply mind, but it, being a stabbing, was of great inconvenience and a teeny weeny bit of a headfuck. It went a little something like this. We were heading back to Phil’s just to the south of the park for a chill and, as we chatted between ourselves, I clocked a 16ish year old ned type walking in opposite direction towards us on the path we were on, although didn’t really think much of it at the time. As he drew level with me on my left, he swung his right arm around and punched me in the right hand side of my back. Turning around, I see him walking speedily away towards a large group of youths down by the playpark at the northen edge of the grass and that he was handling some kind of metallic tool like object in both hands. Putting two and two together, and given I knew knife wounds don’t hurt at first, a fact fresh in my memory given the recent news coverage of this incident in London, I quickly dumped my bag and jacket, pulled my top up and asked the others if I had been stabbed, to which Phil replied “yeah, there’s quite a bit of blood there” before going straight on to call 999. The wound had clotted well before the police and then ambulance arrived around 5/10 minutes later, but I was whisked away to A&E just in case there was any unseen internal bleeding. I was feeling not-exactly-right at that point so Lottie kindly accompanied me in the nee-naw. No problems at the hospital, but I did get some free saline via IV and it did crack me up that it took them quarter of an hour to figure out that having the sphygmomanometer on the same arm as I had an pulse oximeter meant that every time the former automatically expanded to check my blood pressure, it cut off the supply of blood to my finger thus setting of an alarm off on the latter. After that we headed off to the police station to give statements of the event, but unfortunately we only had a vague description of the fucker to offer. They did however take my t-shirt and jacket into evidence due to the potential for a forensic match if they do come across the same knife in the future, which was fair enough, although I was left wrapped up in Lottie’s long coat until something more suitable could be collected. They kindly gave us a lift back to Phil’s who we’d very quickly dumped our stuff with before getting in the ambulance. Unfortunately, as we found out later, Phil had decided to head out to the pub without bothering to call or txt us a message, and we, both already being in a bit of a state, managed to panic even more. Cue a taxi journey to some quarry on the outskirts of town where the Green Man’s Stag Do party thing was taking place, the only place we could think of at the time where Phil or Graeme might have been. Doh. No luck there, but a was present, along with a fair sized group of Beltane peeps, roughly gathered around a bonfire and being merry. Briefly managed to catch some Fire Point action (fire staffs, fire poi, fire whips, fire breathing, breasts) before we headed off (we weren’t in the mood or warm enough attire). A moonlight walk and taxi again later and back to Lottie’s where we finally make contact with Phil and I was able to get stuff, and then everything was a lot better.

Things could only really get better after that. The next day I received two Free Hugs on Princes Street, fantastico, and the day after that, Sunday, I went to see 65daysofstatic, who were rocking. Aaaand the day after that was Beltane… but I’ll save that for another long-winded post when I can be bothered.

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