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Issues with Tor; “Victims of Egerstad’s research project included embassies belonging to Australia, Japan, Iran, India and Russia. Egerstad also found accounts belonging to the foreign ministry of Iran, the United Kingdom’s visa office in Nepal and the Defence Research and Development Organization in India’s Ministry of Defence. In addition, Egerstad was able to read correspondence belonging to the Indian ambassador to China, various politicians in Hong Kong, workers in the Dalai Lama’s liaison office and several human-rights groups in Hong Kong.” link

WTF. “There have been two or three reports of public executions of North Korean young people in major cities including Chungjin, as punishment for having illegally copied and distributed South Korean visual material,??????? said Kang Chul Hwan, vice-chairman of the Seoul-based Committee for the Democratization of North Korea.” link

Ah, so that’s where.. “Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game ‘Tetris’ and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.” link

“A popular Facebook application that promises users privacy in exchange for opinions on their friends is acting as a stooly by offering the information for others to buy.” Haha, cos no-one saw that coming.. link

Far Cry, Prince of Persia, free downloads (ad supported). link

Pacemaker mp3 player, 120Gb, does beat matching. link

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