Augmented Reality stepping up

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Couple of things out in the last few days on AR;

“Layar shows you what is around you by displaying realtime digital information on top of reality through the camera of the mobile phone. Just flip through the directory of layers and find ATM’s, bars, houses for sale, hotels and other cool stuff around you.” link


ARhrrrr! Augmented Reality Zombie and Helicopter Game “Our primary motivation for this AR game was to explore fast-action first-person augmented reality, where the camera controls and movement that would typically require a mouse and keyboard are handled directly by simply moving the device. Advanced tracking technology allows the player to quickly zoom in and out and view the world at steep angles, making this a highly interactive and engaging game.” link

And if you missed it, Google released their Sky Map app for android phones a few weeks ago – PR video here, basic demo video here.

Aaaand if you missed it way back in 2002, ARQuake (plus other AR videos).

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