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“The [New York] Times’ data will join content from Project Gutenberg, a vast online library of text from public domain books, data from the U.S. census, and information from many other formative and vital entities in the semantic web space. Larson and his team intend to make available hundreds of thousands of tags for content dating back to 1851. … The results of this effort will in time take the shape of the Times entering this Linked Data cloud.” link

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee on the importance of Linked Data.

The Guardian: “Join us in digging through the 700,000 documents of MPs’ expenses to identify individual claims, or documents that you think merit further investigation. You can work through your own MP’s expenses, or just hit the button below to start reviewing. (Update, Thurs evening: More added now and more coming all the time. Check back if you haven’t found your MP yet) … We have 232947 pages of documents, of which 147996 are unreviewed.” link

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