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There we go, I’ve sorted out The site is still running WordPress, using the wonderful HTML5 Boilerplate based SCSS/LESS preprocess ready mobile first custom post type toting Bones starter theme, which is licensed under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL) and available on GitHub. Adding to that, the lovely middle-of-the-road Open Sans, and a subtler pattern of white plaster.

To do; sort the category and tags out, pull in social site activity, and choose a better site title font, confirm cross-browser output, better the responsiveness, and much more. Also, maybe even some blogging! I would like to enthuse about the rewarding puzzle of a tool that is Vim, the rigours and rewards of Arch Linux, as well as look through various Window Managers and, what I’ve mainly been working with and soaking up as of late, web design and development technique and technologies. More on that later..

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