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Warning: Thinking can be plesurable

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“Non-religious beliefs should be taught as part of compulsory religious education, a think tank report suggests.” [link]. Progress, but not a solution. This doesn’t go far enough; I want to see proper philosophy (or at least real-life decision helping philosophy) taught on the national curriculum. The lack of hardcore thought provocation in schools these days… Read more »

Check these. Now!

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Here are a couple of very interesting artists I’ve found through the various experimental music sections on Alp (Roger Horberry) takes found sound recordings from various sources in his apartment (including heating ducts, a washing machine, a boiling kettle, a disk drive, a microwave, doors, and a fridge) and outputs a very interesting form… Read more »

Online catchup

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I’m back again; details of my trip to follow at some point this week. I haven’t touched a [working] computer all week, and the nightly build of my jabber client I was using before I left was b0rked, so I have a bit of catching up to do.

Employment at last

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I have recently acquired a job (starting properly on the 16th), doing tech support for BTopenworld broadband at £5.45 an hour. It’s not a career (I know a girl who did it for three years, and said it would fuck your mind if you did it any longer), but at least it’s technical in some… Read more »


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This is the first entry in this here movable type blog. Now, if I could only get the damn thing to do what I want it to do (without crashing perl again)..