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Weekend, TMB

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Back in Dundee again after another 48 hours in Edinburgh. Arrived in Edinburgh and wandered down to the Hoose to meet after she’d finished her Beltane stuff where I was also offered the opportunity to have my arm removed by (to cure my Infestbanditis) and informed by about the current hullabaloo at Madras. We popped… Read more »

Photos, weekend

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I’ve uploaded pics from last weekend’s Implant and Alternative Culture. I’d hired the camera out from work and tried to by artsy in a few of the shots although I’ll blame my inexperience using it (should really experiment in a more controlled environment at some point) and it’s general crapness for the poor quality in… Read more »

Blurgh and dictionaries

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I’ve been off work for the last three days now trying to recover from this dang cold. As per usual, it has ended up in my chest and left me coughing and wheezing, although the Beclazone seems to be helping things along nicely now. Due to this and trying to save cash, although it’s more… Read more »

It’s in your reach

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Hah. I finally took the time a few weeks back to seek out the track I keep hearing at Infest (heard it first last year IIRC, was most happy to hear it pop up again this year) that has the “concentrate, it’s in your reach” lyric sung by Brian Molko. Turns out it was Placebo,… Read more »

Two weekends and a gig

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How time flies. I was working on a super-dooper mega long post, but I thought it would be best to publish it in chunks to give me more time to procrastinate over finishing the later parts of it, so this is what happened to me circa four weeks ago and onwards, i.e., from the weekend… Read more »