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Killer colour app

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Whilst looking for tools to help refine my use of colour in design, I yesterday came across Agave, which provides a sane and sensible interface, but lacks the bells and whistles of online services such as Color Scheme Designer. Today I have found Gpick, which is wonderful. See the home page for a full list… Read more »

Automatic versioned file archive sharing

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git-annex, software in development for Dropbox-like distributed version controlled storage/archiving, is getting git push over XMPP. An interesting project for anyone managing lots of files.

Want to get involved in Beltane Fire Festival?

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A message on behalf of Nightwatch; We are currently looking for Stewards and Torchbearers for the procession at Beltane… Stewards are the guardians and storytellers of the procession in Beltane. We help to keep the spectators away from the performers so that the performance can run smoothly. As the only performers allowed to speak to… Read more »

Labour, Tories, Co-operatives and Mutualism

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Hah, this is interesting. Not only has Labour come out in favour of mutualism, but the Tories have more recently announced their radicalism by supporting the idea of mutuals and co-ops in the public sector. The cynic in me says that both parties are doing it to shed responsibility, but the reformist in me says… Read more »

Avatar links

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Saw this the other day with Fluffy and Mies. Enjoyed, although I usually like doing my own focus pulling in 3D contexts. Some links with spoilers, natch, follow.