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Killer colour app

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Whilst looking for tools to help refine my use of colour in design, I yesterday came across Agave, which provides a sane and sensible interface, but lacks the bells and whistles of online services such as Color Scheme Designer. Today I have found Gpick, which is wonderful. See the home page for a full list… Read more »’s tagging system

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Gotta love it.

Aaaand breathe..

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Finally, we have net! Well, that’s me been living in Edinburgh for 10 days short of 2 months. Problems with the house have almost all been sorted out. The kitchen back door, which and found in a state of fucked when they’d first arrived due to someone having crowbarred it in (only to steal our… Read more »

Glitchy house

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Does anyone have recommendations for glitchy house/tech-house and/or microhouse? I’m interested in exploring this area of stuff properly after hearing some right choons on Mixmag cover CDs in recent months (like stuff on DJ Touche (love that P Diddy track) and Erol Alkan‘s). I’ve fallen in love with the track ‘Deck The House’ by Akufen… Read more »