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  • When the RIAA released dozens of ‘damaged’ tracks (i.e., top 40 tracks with random bursts of static noise spliced into them) onto p2p file sharing networks in the hope that they would propagate and put the general public off of illegally downloading the latest hits, they didn’t bank on avant-garde music fans collecting them as if they were bootleg style noise remixes.
  • The bad thing about online music shops – they provide a crap quality of music file compared to the quality a cd at [practically] the same price provides. I’ll be sticking to the lossless flac audio format once I get a new pc.
  • Check out this hillarious blog post by Mark Pilgrim on the emotions involved with computing standards. Please note, I will discriminate against anyone who chooses SIMPLE over XMPP, the bastards..
  • A more up-to-date “Customers who bought this book also bought” political book relationship map.

ref=””>Coffee machine or assault weapon?

Famous for fifteen people

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Japanese record shops are the best in the world, because they are the most culty. The Japanese music consumer loves to discover the most obscure little groups, the smaller the better. This, surely, is the delight of shopping as a form of ‘becoming’: the discovery of something exclusive and rare, something which speaks to you as an individual in all your difference, or your aspirations to be different. Young Japanese, particularily, feel the need to become individuals in this way. Nothing could be more subversive in one of the few cultures which still believes in its ‘national dream’, in fact an oppressively normative core of prescribed values.

Thinking back…

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Right, I should have updated long before this point, but here goes anyway. I think it was the weekend after Sin when I disgraced myself at Andy’s party by consuming a large amount of vodka on an empty stomach. I’d never drunken such a large amount of alcohol on any sort of stomach before and was thus unprepared for the results. Apparently I provided an evening of amusement for everyone else present (Andy, Jo, Stu, plus Stew Band who I missed as I was asleep at the time). At one point they played a nasty trick on me by saying that my 128Mb USB stick had fallen out the window. I cannot remember this event, but I’m informed that I rushed outside and scoured the pavement for 10 mins before deciding to hug a lamppost. I’d never lost my memories from being drunk before that night. I’d also never vomited from being drunk before, and never had a hangover the whole day after before. It felt absolutely shite, and I will be avoiding any alcohol for the foreseeable future in favour of much less consequential (albeit illegal) kinds of drugs. Downing several double-size shot glasses of vodka in a short period of time is bad, m’kay?

AltDundee is going very well; I’m finding it quite easy to keep up with gigs using flyers and various community/band/club sites as sources. I’ve managed to get posters for it up on the promotion boards in the centre of town (through the council) and in a few pubs around Dundee. I’ve also found the old alt.dundee theme. Monotonous and minimal, rar.

P.S. Check the Russian Gothic Page‘s mp3 section – good for sampling many different lesser-known ‘dark’ bands.


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