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Tests and stuff

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Pick One
Pick A Movie
Pick A Beverage
Gayness – 84%

This QuickKwiz by tankfreak – Taken 971 Times.

Do I look gay?

Don’t answer that. And yes, that’s a rabbit.


John Foxx

Which New Romantic Icon Are You?


It would help if I used the correct date for this post so it doesn’t appear in the middle of April.

286 calls waiting

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Guess what? No BT buisness or residential ADSL customers can access the internet this morning! Today is not going to be a slow Saturday…

P.S. I’ll start posting again soon.

P.P.S. My voice is slowly cracking up now. Someone has tied a TV ariel cable that’s dangling from the roof into a hangmans noose and attached a message “******[1] stress relief”. We’ve just been asked if we’d like to do overtime tomorrow if this problem has not been resolved, at normal rate pay – I politly declined the offer. The shared excel spreadsheet which is (temporary) being used to record who has called up has turned into a single page wiki with people leaving messages for each other when they add some info after a call. The abandoned calls (people who have hung up before getting through) number on the big electronic message board in the middle of the floor is displaying “***” as it reached it’s limit around 11am.

[1] ****** being the name of the company I work for

Conflicting gigs

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Thursday, 9pm – Westport Bar – £2

ALTRES – Local prog/electronica band from the early 80s, recently reformed. (think Apoptygma Berzerk + Mike Oldfield), HenniSi – Local indie-rock(ish) band, been around a long while, plus special guests


Thursday, 8:30pm – Drouthies – £2

Mountain Men Anonymous / The A Forest / Eye / Findo Gask

Argh! Two experimental(ish) music gigs on at the same time (well I believe the first one includes more experimental artists/bands). Altres play kick ass electronic music (think Apoptygma Berzerk meets Mike Oldfield), but I’ve heard good things about all the bands playing at Drouthies and I wanted to see Noddy play in his band Eye (who I believe play guitar based minimal). It’s the crappy unjoined up scene and lack of information which is making me think about restarting AltDundee ( b0rkes the css layout), albeit just as an events site (like the net.goth events page).

P.S. The lap dancing booths and the main pole on the dancefloor have been removed from the room where Cage is situated. This is good, both for moral reasons and the fact that it was fucking annoying trying dance with it in the way.

P.P.S You spend a month writing a post, refactoring, editing and refining your words and links, then no-one replies to it. Plus i start getting spam comments on my mt blog. Bah =p