Bruce Campbell @ Cameo Cinema, Wednesday 7th Feb

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Via Nick Herd’s Edinburgh Zombie Club Facebook group, for those interested;

“Another little bit of news which may interest some of you lot. According to the cameo facebook page –


You heard it HERE first. The legendary Bruce Campbell will be
appearing at the Cameo on Thursday 5 February for a Q&A following a
screening of MY NAME IS BRUCE. Tickets will be on sale on Monday 12
January at 11.00 am.

Tickets won’t be on sale via the web. Only phone or box office in person.
Number to call is : 0871 704 2052”

Blood, suggested rivers of/donation in Russia

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Recently the Governor of the Tambov region of Russia, 480km south east of Moscow, said, in an interview with a national newspaper, “Tolerance? To hell with that! Gomiki [a pejorative term for gays] need to be torn apart! … Then scatter their pieces to the wind! … I am against perversion.” Charming. link

In other news, “The Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development has repealed the ban on blood donations by homosexual people”, something which is still banned in the UK. link

What a weird reversal to the situation over here..