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Last month Digg, this week LJ

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Fantastic, 100 pages and growing (my brief comment on page 40. Oop, that’s at it’s 5000 comment limit, but more here). There’s two communities for it all as well. Unfortunatly has been dead for a long while (aah, good times..), but you can get details of what’s has gone, is going and might go… Read more »

Dear Lazyweb

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What is it called when your eyes uncontrollably wibble (I would say spasm, but wibble is a nicer sounding word) left and right in their sockets on the odd occasion? It was fun to begin with but it’s starting to annoy. In other news; Why Aximov’s Three Laws of Robotics are immoral Killer NIC Hands… Read more »

Bleeding edge finally

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LiveJournal Jabber integration. A new LJ feature that has me bouncing with joy. I initially came to LiveJournal because of it’s combination of blogging and social networking (and yes, because many of my friends also used it) but the sites slow or non-implementation of features the rest of the net had taken for granted has… Read more »

Some more links 27

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Yum–yum Humor The Second Annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards! – This guy has an impeccable knowledge of super hero haircuts. Bluuuurgh (for lack of a better link text) – Sick of fashion? Sudan man forced to ‘marry’ goat – And they only made him buy it in the end! Snake ‘befriends’ snack hamster – Like,… Read more »