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Geek discussion easy reply checklist meme

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For my reference and those interested; Why Your Antispam Idea Won’t Work Why Your Saving Journalism Idea Won’t Work Why Your Slashdot Comment Won’t Work And an older USENET POSTING objection form letter. Anyone have any more?


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“DREAMS OF STEAM PRESENTS THE ARRIVAL OF AIRSHIP R1001 “A Steampunk Night behind tePOOKa’s Big Red Door / ?10 / 8.30pm – 3am “After the R1001’s recent tour of the borders of Her Majesty’s empire and colonies the airship and her crew will be joining the Lady Lawson for their quarterly Rest and Recreation. “We… Read more »’s tagging system

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Gotta love it.

Edinburgh TV Unfestival 2007

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Just spotted this via; “Edinburgh TV Un-Festival 2007: This year the MGEITF (Media Guardian International TV Festival) has spawned its own fringe event, the TV Un-Festival. This day-long event which takes place on Saturday 25 August will centre around the clash of the well established TV world and the constantly accelerating Internet world using… Read more »


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Just when you think you can’t get any more stupid than this; “SANTA FE, New Mexico (AP) — Three CD players hidden under a cathedral’s pews blared sexually explicit language in the middle of an Ash Wednesday Mass, leading a bomb squad to detonate two of the devices.” link there’s this, in the UK no… Read more »