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Things and Stuff – What’s left of October and a bit more

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?? Dialogues: The Omega Workshop Saturday, 10 October 2009 at 18:00 – Sunday, 25 October 2009 at 17:00 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Patriothall (Wasps), Hamilton Place This year?s Dialogues presents, new work by Emily Fogarty and Ewan Sinclair produced under the title ?Omega Workshop?. Appropriating the name from the Bloomsbury Group?s design enterprise, both artists have… Read more »

September Things and Stuff

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September’s here again…. It’s 5am. Do you know where your sun is? Still well beyond the horizon. Damn it, going to bed when it’s not daylight feels wrong.. The wiki has been separated into pages, oOo! I’ve decided to go with a spaces/groups/etc section taxonomy, shall see how far that gets me.. Check it @… Read more »


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“DREAMS OF STEAM PRESENTS THE ARRIVAL OF AIRSHIP R1001 “A Steampunk Night behind tePOOKa’s Big Red Door / ?10 / 8.30pm – 3am “After the R1001’s recent tour of the borders of Her Majesty’s empire and colonies the airship and her crew will be joining the Lady Lawson for their quarterly Rest and Recreation. “We… Read more »

Edinburgh things and stuff, Feb

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Just mailed this out to my Things and stuff to do in Edinburgh group on Facebook; *** LGBT History Month Film Night 13 February 2009, 18:30 – 21:30, LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing “To celebrate LGBT History month we’re having a film night! We’ll be showing: a short film about the experiences of older… Read more »

Bruce Campbell @ Cameo Cinema, Wednesday 7th Feb

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Via Nick Herd’s Edinburgh Zombie Club Facebook group, for those interested; “Another little bit of news which may interest some of you lot. According to the cameo facebook page – ***** SPECIAL EVENT You heard it HERE first. The legendary Bruce Campbell will be appearing at the Cameo on Thursday 5 February for a Q&A… Read more »