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Wi-fi noise to signal

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“The term ?warwalking? isn?t used very often, but the Ekahau HeatMapper adds a new tool to the pod bound hacker?s arsenal. The tool maps out wireless access points as well as their signal strength within a facility. A test of the HeatMapper on a map made with AutoDesk Dragonfly accurately determined the location of a… Read more »

UltraStar Deluxe

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Open source SingStar clone + some of these + maybe those + requisite hard drive space = wai nice!

Felix Dennis – Did I Mention The Free Wine?

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?Did I mention the free wine?? – Poetry recital by the publisher/philanthropist/character Felix Dennis. Tickets are free, booked in advance, but donations to his Forest of Dennis charity appreciated. Edinburgh date is October the 9th. via The Forest’s bb.


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“TubeStop is an extension for Mozilla-based Web browsers that disables the autoplay on YouTube videos. This means that you can open multiple YouTube videos in tabs in the background without them all starting to play at once. TubeStop also disables the autoplay on YouTube videos embedded on sites (MySpace, for example).” “The TubeStop Firefox… Read more »

Edinburgh TV Unfestival 2007

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Just spotted this via; “Edinburgh TV Un-Festival 2007: This year the MGEITF (Media Guardian International TV Festival) has spawned its own fringe event, the TV Un-Festival. This day-long event which takes place on Saturday 25 August will centre around the clash of the well established TV world and the constantly accelerating Internet world using… Read more »