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So, to continue from the last update post, I then went to the emergency dentists and proceeded to have said b0rken tooth pulled out. Owie. The full walkthrough for Beltane on the 22nd was fun as well, especially after an evening catching up with who was staying over, then pulling an all-nighter with and ,… Read more »

Aaaand breathe..

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Finally, we have net! Well, that’s me been living in Edinburgh for 10 days short of 2 months. Problems with the house have almost all been sorted out. The kitchen back door, which and found in a state of fucked when they’d first arrived due to someone having crowbarred it in (only to steal our… Read more »

Pics of Whitby, testing and last week

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Pics fae Whitby; some names missing, can anyone help? Whitby Nov 2006 Also, work let me borrow a Canon 300D DLSR for “staff development” (well, it’s true) in December. I prefer the newer 400D (my big purchase of 2007? after PC upgrades though, natch) although I’ve not had the change to take home yet, but… Read more »

LiveJournal post? Moi?

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Back from Whitby. It had it’s good bits and bad bits, although, as in 2002 (IIRC?), it was cut short due to stuffness. Was nice to see peeps I hadn’t seen in months/years, although due to crap planning (on several levels, of my own fault though) I didn’t get to chat with folks as much… Read more »


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Thanks to the wonderful and , I have acquired (or shall be acquiring) a ticket to teh Whitby in a couple of weekends time. Which of you lot, pray tell, shall be in attendance?