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The Apple Sudden Motion Sensor

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“Apple added a feature called Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) to the PowerBook line in early 2005. The sensor attempts to prevent data loss by parking the heads of an active disk drive after detecting a “sudden motion”, which could be due to strong vibrations or a fall.” – link “I had also mentioned other ways… Read more »

Hit me with the sickness, plus links

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So yeah; I had Wednesday the 31st to Friday the 2nd off from work, which would have been great if I hadn’t been shivering in bed with the flu. I was feeling a lot better by Saturday, although I had developed a monster cough I thought was just linked to the sore throat I’d developed… Read more »

Some more links 6

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MSN Spaces censorship – “Very bad news for fans of Russian literature. The blog title ‘Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov’ is deemed inappropriate, as are any titles I try to create with the 1955 book’s name.” Maoist video game reviews – “‘Sim City’ has completely bourgeois assumptions, which is why it is not… Read more »


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Ugh indeed. Was ’round at and ‘s last night for a bit of a party. Also present were , , , , Brek (who needs to get a blog) and . Got rather wasted and thus cannot remember most of the latter part of the evening, but I’m sure it was all good fun. Trudged… Read more »

Ten Top Quality Tech Links

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I thought I better clear out my PagesToLookAt backlog so here’s a selection of ten nifty tech links. 10 – Personal Video Players Here’s a handy table listing loads of these doohickies and their features. 9 – Orac3 Case-mod Orac3 is one sweet case-mod. Check out the close-ups on the later pages; they’re more like… Read more »