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The last I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue was a great, catch it before the next on Monday evening. “Diagnostic – A Welshman unsure if god exists. Realist – A catalogue of bottoms. … Newcastle – To drop an atom bomb on Peirs Morgan.” Day made, mind blown: it’s Portal in ASCII Enviro-Bear iPhone game…. Read more »

Pics of Whitby, testing and last week

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Pics fae Whitby; some names missing, can anyone help? Whitby Nov 2006 Also, work let me borrow a Canon 300D DLSR for “staff development” (well, it’s true) in December. I prefer the newer 400D (my big purchase of 2007? after PC upgrades though, natch) although I’ve not had the change to take home yet, but… Read more »

Input Lost

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For those left without Lost for the next god knows how many weeks, although it was getting rather shite anyway, bastards, do you know of the Lost Experience? You might have seen some of the weird flash based sites around, but do you know of Rachel Blake [1] and have you seen the video about… Read more »

Photos, weekend

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I’ve uploaded pics from last weekend’s Implant and Alternative Culture. I’d hired the camera out from work and tried to by artsy in a few of the shots although I’ll blame my inexperience using it (should really experiment in a more controlled environment at some point) and it’s general crapness for the poor quality in… Read more »

And the icon?

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I paid a child 10p (by proxy, thanks again ) to create this work of art for me (someone drinking from a carton of milk). It’ll do for a while.