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High on science

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After a few ciders during a viewing of the hour long ‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 on the curiosities of cosmology at a Richard Dawking Foundation event, I return to the the glorious creations of John Boswell (aka melodysheep on YouTube), who edited, vocoded and accompanied various video clips on the… Read more »

Progressive social movement FAIL

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So there have been a number of organisations in the UK rallying for social change and reform on certain issues where progressive ideas and methodology could Make Things Better. Two of the larger events that have happened within the last several months have been the Convention on Modern Liberty and Reboot Britain. One might think,… Read more »


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From BBC News: “The US military is developing a robot with a teddy bear-style head to help carry injured soldiers away from the battlefield. … It is expected to be ready for testing within five years. … The 6ft tall Bear can cross bumpy ground without toppling thanks to a combination of gyroscopes and computer… Read more »

YML 02

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“By comparing modern man with our ancestors of 37,000 years ago, the Chicago team discovered big changes in two genes linked to brain size. One of the new variants emerged only 5,800 years ago yet is present in 30% of today’s humans, they believe.” link “Thousands of volunteers have been out on the streets trying… Read more »

That Craigslist “experiment”.

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“Last Monday Seattle resident Jason Fortuny (and a friend) carried out a thought experiment into reality — one I think anyone who has surfed Craigslist sex ads has entertained. He took a hardcore Women Seeking Men ad from another city and reposted it to see how many replies he could get in 24 hours (the… Read more »