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Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

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“A new generation of contact lenses built with very small circuits and LEDs promises bionic eyesight” link This article made the transhumanist in me squee. A few quotes; “These lenses don?t give us the vision of an eagle or the benefit of running subtitles on our surroundings yet. But we have built a lens with… Read more »


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Alien prequel, Total Recall remake, Dune reboot, new Futurama, Ghostbusters III filming soon, Little Brother opined, no live action Akira? 2012 looks like a bit of a disaster. And ohh, OFFLINE. Just a promo reel though.

Yet more links

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FYI, one can now find a daily digest of my entries on . Much easier on the friends page than the one-post-per-entry-ness of . “For weeks, I kept it in the envelope in which it was sent. Only occasionally did I take it out to look at it or show to a visiting friend… Read more »

Some more of those links

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“‘Are you my friend? Yes or no?’ This question, while fundamentally odd, is a key component of social network sites. Participants must select who on the system they deem to be ‘Friends.’ Their choice is publicly displayed for all to see and becomes the backbone for networked participation. By examining what different participants groups do… Read more »

Input Lost

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For those left without Lost for the next god knows how many weeks, although it was getting rather shite anyway, bastards, do you know of the Lost Experience? You might have seen some of the weird flash based sites around, but do you know of Rachel Blake [1] and have you seen the video about… Read more »