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Killer colour app

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Whilst looking for tools to help refine my use of colour in design, I yesterday came across Agave, which provides a sane and sensible interface, but lacks the bells and whistles of online services such as Color Scheme Designer. Today I have found Gpick, which is wonderful. See the home page for a full list… Read more »

Automatic versioned file archive sharing

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git-annex, software in development for Dropbox-like distributed version controlled storage/archiving, is getting git push over XMPP. An interesting project for anyone managing lots of files.

Old new augmented reality

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These are a few weeks old but I couldn’t be bothered posting at the time. Now I’m trying to work through older tabs.. IBM?s ‘Seer’ Brings Augmented Reality to Wimbledon “Everything from tennis matches to dining and points of interest will be plotted using the combination of GPS, camera, compass. Users get a ?heads up… Read more »

Pretty demos

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elevated – a stunning 4 kilobyte demo released in April of this year. I wish this computer could play HD video. 4 friggin K! The app uses Perlin noise procedural textures (a more detailed explanation here) among other things to get it that small. Also from April, Excelence, done in Excel. And, again, the fantastically… Read more »

Firewall, etc, box

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After salvaging a fairly new mobo, ram and hdd from a mini-tower I found abandoned next to a recycling bin a couple of weeks ago, I’m looking to put together a firewall/gateway/misc server box for kicks and educational purposes. After a Wikipedia/Google trawl, the options I’ve come up with for a suitable set-up are Endian,… Read more »