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Tests and stuff

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Gay-O-Meter Name Age Pick One EllenWillow & TaraAnne HecheGina GershonJack from Will & GraceMelissa EtheridgeLegolasJustin TimberlakeRuPaul Pick A Movie BoundBetter Than ChocolateGiaJeffreyIt’s My PartyBut I’m A CheerleaderRelax, It’s Just Sex Pick A Beverage Beer you can DrinkBeer you can ChewFruity Mixed DrinksCockt-tailsJello ShotsGive me the bottle! Gayness – 84% This QuickKwiz by tankfreak – Taken… Read more »

The Scottish Pairlament an You

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“The Scottish Pairlament is here tae mak a difference tae yer life, whitiver ye dae an whauriver ye bide in Scotland. Makkin yer voice heard in the Scottish Pairlament” “The Scottish Pairlament an the Scottish Executive is sindry organisations an has different roles in governin Scotland. The Scottish Pairlament is a law makkin bodie made… Read more »

Is it me or…

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You know that Coors light TV advert, yeah? The one where there’s a load of people dancing in some kind of wintry mountainous area, then the DJ turns up the sound system’s volume, causing an avalanche, which then turns into a gentle snowfall? Is it me or is the DJ none other than Mr. Richard… Read more »