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Yet more links

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FYI, one can now find a daily digest of my entries on . Much easier on the friends page than the one-post-per-entry-ness of . “For weeks, I kept it in the envelope in which it was sent. Only occasionally did I take it out to look at it or show to a visiting friend… Read more »

Offline Jabber standards

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Back in the day, I suggested on the Jabber standards mailing list that it might be an idea to have a open chat log format that would be interoperable between clients. Queue a fairly heated debate (I was 19 and even more hot headed than I am the now 😉 with a few devs about… Read more »

Post Jobs’ keynote speech

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Well that was fun. Read all about it here. The MacRumors IRC transcription channel had over 2500 watching it and the backchannel had somewhere around 800 peeps in. It was ammusing to watch the channel explode when every new announcement was made, either with delight or derision (and down right confusion when the transcriber forgot… Read more »


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Anyone have any experience using the EFF’s net anonymisation system Tor? I’m thinking of giving it a go but was wondering if anyone had any hick-ups with running it, mainly in what kind of effect it has on apparent/actual connection speeds.

Google Checkout

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In case you haven’t heard, Google opened Google Checkout a couple of weeks ago. Checkout the video demo there for an overall view. Here’s the pre speculation (wow, finger directly on the pulse there), the official announcement, details and quotes, usage demo, list of sites that use it, the news that eBay has banned it’s… Read more »