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Absolute, DontStayIn, links and bombs, IE7

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I’ll be heading through to Edinburgh tomorrow evening to visit . We shall be heading to Absolute (no, I don’t think they know what futurepop is). £3 entry! Not sure what’s happening on Saturday, probably staying in and getting sozzled. Saying that, if you’ve ever found the various ‘alternative electronic’ styles on DontStayIn handy, you’ve… Read more »

Some more links 31

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News/op-ed/discussion Great-grandma tattoos “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” on her chest – Practical body art. Drunk Monkeys Mirror People – Research money well spent there. Japan faces chopsticks crisis – OH NOES! Kissing ‘could help hay fever – I’ve got allergic rhinitis btw, so if anyone would oblige.. Tech news Controller showdown: PlayStation 3 vs Wii –… Read more »

Perception, Party, Dave Clarke

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Google Calendar rocks. Lifehacking and Web 2.0 kick ass. Last Friday night was spent at Perception, a new dance night at The Cotton Club. When I got there, fairly early on, it was Full Intention stylee house, the kind of stuff that’s annoyingly pop sounding. Thankfully things swiftly moved onto a more acid/progressive vibe, then… Read more »

Some more links 30

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News/op-ed/discussion How to practice Islam in space? – Kind of tricky. Modernizing the Muslim world – So, ‘women are important but things are slowley getting better’; how fucking obvious is that? How shit-for-brains stupid would you have to be to have missed that? And polygamy? What? That’s nothing to do with the way in which… Read more »

Some more links 29

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News Russian Thieves Break Into Soviet-Era Missile Silo to Find it Filled With Money Bills – Nuff said. Berlusconi silent after Prodi declared Italian election victor – Hahaha, schadenfreude time! Op-ed & discussion One Big Bang, or were there many? – “People have inferred that time began [with the big bang], but there really wasn’t… Read more »