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Some more links 27

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Yum–yum Humor The Second Annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards! – This guy has an impeccable knowledge of super hero haircuts. Bluuuurgh (for lack of a better link text) – Sick of fashion? Sudan man forced to ‘marry’ goat – And they only made him buy it in the end! Snake ‘befriends’ snack hamster – Like,… Read more »

Those craaaazy Japanese…

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Nya! P.S. Cable ties are great for when shitty shoelaces snap on you half-way through the day. Until, that is, you need to take your shoes off. *reaches for his toolkit* P.P.S. I’ve recently turned my hand on Wikipedia to articles on record labels that purvey some of the harder, darker and more experimental styles… Read more »

And burbled as it came!

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Hazaa, the first major Jabber client, Psi, has implemented the PubSub based User Tune system. The following ponderings now require resolution. When will we get a Winamp plugin to publish tune info to a pubsub node (like this)? Will my own client of choice, JAJC, ever start to support pubsub? Indeed, will JAJC ever support… Read more »

Silly Sony

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Hehehe, it’s like watching a train crash in slow motion. If you’ve not heard about Sony’s copy protection system that installs a rootkit on your computer which informs Sony what you are listening to, and you have a bit of time to spare, read this now. The latest news is that not only are Sony… Read more »

Some links and some thoughts

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This article is stupid. Most new architecture these days is post-modern rather than modernist which means it combines different influences from various styles of architecture. Stupid Objectivist bint. Check this twat, asking on the WordPress support forums for a way to get a LiveJournal users password or to read their private entries. Uselessly enough, searching… Read more »