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What do you use for sharing files?

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I’m interested to know what everyone uses for file sharing. Atm I use BCDC++ to connect to a few industrial/electronic/metal Direct Connect hubs, but am looking for a good P2P system (or two) just to cover all bases plus a system for sharing with trusted friends, preferably something encrypted like waste, sftp or scp. Suggestions?

Autechre and

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I’m getting a ticket for Autechre this Friday! The site pointed me towards says I can just pick the ticket up at the venue which is perfect. Now I just need to get some glowsticks and I’ll be sorted… Those gits at have started charging event organisers $19 a month for the pleasure of… Read more »

Top Ten Weird Tech Links

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I first wrote this entry last September after I posted that, but it’s just been languashing in my drafts queue ever since. The links are kinda old but interesting anyway. Would you trust an automatic penis circumcision machine? – link A rather massive hard disk drive from the 70s – link Order pizza from a… Read more »

Some more links 7

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Hello Kitty crop circle 28 Days Later Screenwriter Pens Halo The Movie Boy, 4, drives mom’s car to video store and back Fry a vehicle’s microchips with microwave and slow cars to a halt – Does anyone remember the tv series ‘Bugs’ that used to be on BBC 1? I’m sure this was in one… Read more »

Music library thingy, from select_none

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Just back from ‘s. Will write about it later. How many total songs? 3448 tracks, 11 days 21h 53m, 58.13 GB (including 1559 flac tracks, 5 days 5h 24m, 46.20 GB) Sort by song title – first and last? Photophob – &%+ Photophob – ((?)) Sort by time – first and last? Nine Inch Nails… Read more »