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The UK Pirate Party

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I think the UK Pirate Party will be a worthy proponent of certain progressive views on digital rights and related issues in the current UK parliamentary system, but that they will need some at least basic general economic, education, health, security, etc policies/affiliations/agreements, a la the Green Party, to draw attention from more average or… Read more »

Newspapers being progressive

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“The [New York] Times’ data will join content from Project Gutenberg, a vast online library of text from public domain books, data from the U.S. census, and information from many other formative and vital entities in the semantic web space. Larson and his team intend to make available hundreds of thousands of tags for content… Read more »

Blood, suggested rivers of/donation in Russia

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Recently the Governor of the Tambov region of Russia, 480km south east of Moscow, said, in an interview with a national newspaper, “Tolerance? To hell with that! Gomiki [a pejorative term for gays] need to be torn apart! … Then scatter their pieces to the wind! … I am against perversion.” Charming. link In other… Read more »