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Urban Dictionary on the telly

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Woo, Urban Dictionary appeared on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown yesterday. With 593 up and 32 down in the clip, “Pullin’ a Palin” now stands at 3943 up, 978 down. Context on her jumping ship by quitting as Governor in an earlier segment here. Old media and new [social] media, a false dichotomy, both being just terms… Read more »

Newspapers being progressive

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“The [New York] Times’ data will join content from Project Gutenberg, a vast online library of text from public domain books, data from the U.S. census, and information from many other formative and vital entities in the semantic web space. Larson and his team intend to make available hundreds of thousands of tags for content… Read more »

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

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91% Dennis Kucinich89% Mike Gravel82% Chris Dodd81% Barack Obama80% John Edwards78% Bill Richardson77% Joe Biden77% Hillary Clinton37% Rudy Giuliani28% Ron Paul26% John McCain20% Mike Huckabee20% Mitt Romney15% Tom Tancredo11% Fred Thompson2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz