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Wi-fi noise to signal

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“The term ?warwalking? isn?t used very often, but the Ekahau HeatMapper adds a new tool to the pod bound hacker?s arsenal. The tool maps out wireless access points as well as their signal strength within a facility. A test of the HeatMapper on a map made with AutoDesk Dragonfly accurately determined the location of a… Read more »

Stupid people and tech

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“There are many benefits to studying at Lakehead University. Ubiquitous wireless Internet access, however, isn’t one of them. That’s because president Fred Gilbert won’t allow it until he’s satisfied EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure doesn’t pose a health risk, particularly to young people.” – link “Katherine Albrecht is on a mission from God. The… Read more »

Tonight, I’m..

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Going to Edinburgh for Fimbulvetr, and tomorrow, as my previous post mentioned, I’ll be dancing to Dave Clarke. and I are considering doing the DJ Skills nightclass at Perth College (where I got my HND in audio engineering) which covers “Audio safety and system configuration; beats per minute (BPM); beat mixing (the first steps); pitching… Read more »

Some more links 17

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Here’s a big mix of old and newer links, painstakingly ordered into paragraph length. “Police in Malaysia are hunting for members of a violent gang who chopped off a car owner’s finger to get round the vehicle’s hi-tech security system. The car, a Mercedes S-class, was protected by a fingerprint recognition system.” – link “Now… Read more »

Some more links 10

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Tech: More info on the Nintendo Revolution Wireless USB 1.0 spec finalised Ajax makes JavaScript cool to use again (humorous comments galore) Netscape 8 stops IE from showing XML files Roadcasting: Pirate radio-meets-ad-hoc wifi networking at 60 miles per hour 10 Things to Do With Old PCs – decisions, decisions… Copy tracks from your ipod… Read more »