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At work we have a booking system for the A/V equipment pool we maintain. One of the options one can select for items available is ‘LCD Display’. For months myself and the other two guys assumed this refered to an LCD monitor, although we didn’t actually stock any of these. It turned out that it… Read more »

Pics of Whitby, testing and last week

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Pics fae Whitby; some names missing, can anyone help? Whitby Nov 2006 Also, work let me borrow a Canon 300D DLSR for “staff development” (well, it’s true) in December. I prefer the newer 400D (my big purchase of 2007? after PC upgrades though, natch) although I’ve not had the change to take home yet, but… Read more »

CD decks and tax

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A few months ago my parents informed me they’d be getting a new laptop for my sister on her 21st and that, because it was a tad more pricey than my own 21st present, they’d give me £500 to spend on whatever I wanted. Which is nice. So I thought long and hard about it… Read more »

Me, family, gig, dancing, more family

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It’s weird the amount of stuff a Googlex search for a fairly unique nickname will return. Anyway. My grandparents are moving soon from the home my mum, aunt and uncle grew up in, and which is now on the market, to a flat in a sheltered housing block in Newport[-on-Tay], so my mums side of… Read more »

New job? Oooohhh!

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OMG, I fucking work for Abertay University! I feel so elated at getting this position as it’s my first job working for an organisation that actually treats it’s employes nicely while I get do stuff I rather enjoy. In a nutshell, I deal with a/v shit. To be more specific, I (and the two other… Read more »